AccuPower® GoldHotstart Taq PCR PreMix from Bioneer

AccuPower® GoldHotstart Taq PCR PreMix for high specific amplification

Ordering Information

AccuPower® GoldHotstart Taq PCR PreMix is a convenient lyophilized PCR master mix containing GoldHotstart Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, reaction buffer, tracking dye, and patented stabilizer and is aliquoted in 8-strip PCR tubes.
GoldHotstart Taq DNA polymerase is inhibited at lower temperature, but is activated at during the start of PCR. This prevents the formation of misprimed products, as well as primer-dimers, during the reaction set up process resulting in improved specificity.
In addition, AccuPower® GoldHotstart Taq PCR PreMix makes hotstart PCR simple and easy, eliminating the extra handling steps and contamination risks associated with conventional hot-start methods.

Features and Benefits

 Specificity A Non-specific signal is dramatically eliminated by using HotStart Technology
 Ease of Use All reaction components required for PCR, including thermostable DNA polymerase and dNTPs are contained within each tube and in a lyophilized "PreMix" form.
 Stability Stable at room temperature for a month and for 2 years in a -20°C freezer
 Reproducibility Bioneer's strict quality controlled production system ensures that your results will be reproducible experiment after experiment

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