AccuTarget miRNA Negative and Positive Controls

Ordering Information

We offer AccuTarget miRNA controls to optimize assay conditions for miRNA function studies.
Both positive and negative controls are provided for miRNA gain-of-function studies using Bioneer’s AccuTarget miRNA mimics and inhibitors.

AccuTarget miRNA housekeeping Positive controls target the 3' UTR (untranslated region) of the standard housekeeping gene, GAPDH, and BIONEER’s miRNA mimic and inhibitor Negative controls’ sequences are based on common miRNA structure for use as negative experimental controls in human, mouse, and rat cells. The negative controls have been analyzed by BLAST against all human, mouse and rat genomic sequences and miRNA sequences in the current miRBase Database. BIONEER offers two universal negative controls for mimics and inhibitors independently.

Features and Benefits

Excellent performance: miRNA Housekeeping Positive controls targeting GAPDH with clear read-out of mimic function (knockdown efficiency of >90%) miRNA mimic & inhibitor Negative controls with minimal sequence identity with miRNAs in human, mouse and rat.
Monitoring of transfection rate: Fluorescein-labeled Negative controls for conveniently monitoring cellular uptake and/or transfection efficiency.
Competitive pricing: Great value for your research dollar.

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