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Positive and Negative control siRNA's for your experiments. > 90% siRNA knockdown for positive controls

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The AccuTarget Positive Control siRNAs are designed to induce high siRNA knockdown of their target genes. siRNA targeting an endogenous gene (GAPDH) and a reporter system (GFP and Luciferase) are available. AccuTarget Negative Control siRNAs do not target any known genes in human, mouse and rat. The negative control siRNA can be fluorescently labeled for easier monitor of transfection efficiency. AccuTarget Control siRNA Sets consisting of a positive and negative control siRNAs are also available for user convenience.

Features and Benefits

Excellent performance: Positive control siRNA knockdown rates > 90%
Monitoring of transfection rate: Convenient fluorescently labeled negative control sets
Competitive pricing: Great value for your research dollar

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