Automated DNA/RNA Extraction

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  • Prefilled Cartridge Kits
    Catalog# Product
    K-4611 ExiPrep™ 96 Genomic DNA Kit, 384 Extractions
    K-4613 ExiPrep™ 96 Blood Genomic DNA Kit
    K-4614 ExiPrep™ 96 Viral DNA/RNA Kit, 384 extractions
  • RUO Manual Kits w/ automation protocol
    Catalog# Product
    K-3603 MagListo™ 5M Genomic DNA Extraction Kit
    K-3613 MagListo™ 5M Universal RNA Extraction Kit
    K-3619 MagListo™ cfDNA Extraction Kit
    K-3615 MagListo™ 5M Forensic Sample DNA Extraction Kit
    K-3624 MagListo™ 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit
  ExiPrep 96 Lite
  • 30-50 minute extraction protocols
  • Pre-filled cartridges save time, only patient sample loading needed
  • Kit comes with everything needed to run the experiment, no extra costs for plastics
  • Easily transfer extracted DNA/RNA to PCR plate
  • Contamination prevention using UV lamp and multiple shields
  • Compact size for minimal workspace requirement
  • Touch screen-Easy to use
  • Pre-loaded protocols for optimal extractions
  Order & inquire
Catalog# Product
A-5250 ExiPrep™ 96 Lite
A-5251 AccuLoader™