White 8-tube Strip for PCR from Bioneer

0.2 ml opaque white 8-tube strip for sensitive and reproducible Real-Time PCR results

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Bioneer 0.2 ml opaque white 8-tube strip is made from polypropylene and is specially manufactured to ensure reproducible and
sensitive results of Real-Time PCR. The tube strip is compatible with most popular PCR thermal cyclers such as Exicycler™ 96
and is certified free from RNase and DNase. These tube strips provide higher sensitivity due to improved reflection efficiency as well as increased signal-to-noise ratio compared to natural tubes while preventing well-to-well crosstalk and the loss of fluorescence between the sample and the detector.


Features and Benefits

* Optimum for fluorescence detection of Real-Time PCR reactions or luminescent detections

* Maximize sensitivity and reproducibility of Real-Time PCR

* Compatible with most popular PCR thermal cyclers such as Exicycler 96

* Can be cut and used individually

* Sealable with Bioneer Adhesive Sealing Films or other thermal sealing films using a sealer

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