ExiProgen™ EC-Tagfree Protein Synthesis Kit from Bioneer

ExiProgen™ EC-Tagfree Protein Synthesis Kit enables it to synthesize highly purified His-tag free protein and it can be applied in X-ray crystallography, therapeutic protein development, and antigen expression for antibody development.

Ordering Information

This kit is used for generating a protein without His-tag sequence with high purity on ExiProgen™. It first synthesizes a protein with a His-tag in ExiProgen™ in an automated manner. Then the His-tag is cleaved off, resulting in a pure protein without a His-tag sequence. Using protocol No. 904 the target protein can be synthesized with a high purity. All processes, including protein synthesis and dialysis, are performed in an automated manner and the final protein is harvested in any storage buffer of choice.

Features and Benefits

 Protein synthesis without His-tag
   A target protein is produced in a fully automated way and the His-tag is cleaved from the final protein.

 Fully automated: DNA-in-Protein (in storage buffer)-out
   Purified target protein will be in any storage buffer of choice.

 Parallel processing and high purity
   1-8 different proteins can be synthesized in a single run with purity >95%.

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