Extendamers from Bioneer

Long oligo synthesis | Long oligonucleotides from 130 up to 200 bases

Ordering Information

Extendamers are oligonucleotides from 130 - 200 bases. Bioneer specializes in long oligo synthesis and provides them with Bio-RP or PAGE purification. As with all Bioneer Oligonucleotides, Extendamers are QC tested by MALDI-TOF after oligo synthesis, ensuring the highest quality products for your research needs. Bio-RP (or PAGE) purification also ensures you have only full length oligonucleotides for your experiments. Use Extendamers for cloning, mutagenesis and other demanding applications.

Features and Benefits

Bio-RP purification or PAGE purification: Only full length oligos
Use for a variety of applications: Ideal for cloning, gene construction and ddRNAi
Competitive pricing: Great value for your research dollar

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