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DNA Ladders and Markers from Bioneer

Room temperature stable, ready-to-load DNA Ladders and Molecular Weight Markers available

Selection Guide

Bioneer offers a wide range of room temperature stable, ready-to-load DNA ladders as well as molecular weight markers for electrophoresis. Our ladders contain bands ranging from 25 bp to 10,000 bp, and our markers have bands from 125 bp to 23,000 bp. The number of fragments generated by each DNA marker, as well as the specific fragment sizes for each of the conventional markers can be found in our selection guide, or on the specific product page.

Features and Benefits

Convenient: Both ladders and markers provided ready-to-load
Robust stability: Stable for 4 months at room temperature
Broad range of products available: You are sure to find one that meets your needs
Manufactured with strict control standards: Uniform and sharp band intensities
Competitive pricing: Great value for your research dollar
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