RocketScript™ Reverse Transcriptase

RocketScript™ Reverse Transcriptase for full length cDNA synthesis from Bioneer

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RocketScript is Bioneer’s exclusive M-MLV based thermostable reverse transcriptase (RTase).
Native M-MLV RTase has maximum activity at relatively low temperatures (42°C), causing several problems in reverse
transcription of RNA molecules with complex secondary structure.RocketScript has thermostable activity (42°C –70°C),
allowing efficient cDNA synthesis from complex secondary structure RNA. Melt the stems and loops keeping you away
from your results.

Features and Benefits

Thermostable Activity: Native M-MLV reverse transcriptase has low thermostable activity, therefore restricting reverse transcription reactions to relatively low temperatures (42°C). This attribute prevents RNA molecules containing many stems
and loops (complex secondary structures) from being efficiently transcribed.
To resolve this shortcoming, Bioneer has utilized synthetic biotechnology to develop a RTase that is active even at high temperatures of 60°C and above. By removing the traditional reaction temperature limit of 42°C, you are now able to choose
your reaction temperature from 42°C –70°C and optimize your cDNA synthesis experiments.

Enhanced Performance: While engineering the enzyme, the researchers at Bioneer have gone ahead and engineered robust performance into RocketScript. You can now confidently perform experiments with target lengths long and short, or input RNA concentrations low and high knowing that if the RNA is in the sample, it will be accurately represented in the cDNA.

Ease-of-use: All components necessary for cDNA synthesis including thermostable RTase and RNase inhibitor are included
in the product for ease-of-use. All you need is source RNA and primers, and preparation for your reverse transcription reaction
is complete.

Reproducibility: Each batch is produced under strict quality controls. Errors that commonly occur during mass production are eliminated during the individual packaging process. Bioneer’s current batch processing system allows for the production of more accurate and reproducible end-product yield.

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