AccuPrep Plasmid MiniPrep DNA Extraction Kit from Bioneer

For use in PCR, sub-cloning, sequencing, in-vitro transcription and other applications

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Bioneer’s AccuPrep Plasmid MiniPrep DNA Extraction Kit allows for the extraction of highly-pure plasmid DNA from as E. coli bacterial cultures. A260/A280 ratio greater than 1.8 and Yields of up to 20 μg of high-copy plasmid DNA can be routinely attained using the AccuPrep Plasmid MiniPrep DNA Extraction Kit.

The AccuPrep Plasmid MiniPrep DNA Extraction Kit was developed for plasmid DNA purification from cultured bacterial cells within 20 minutes. The overall principle uses a modified alkaline lysis method. Collected cells are resuspended in Resuspension Buffer. Following the addition of Lysis Buffer and Neutralization Buffer to the lysate, the chromosomal DNA and cell debris will be forms an insoluble aggregate. The insoluble protein aggregate is removed following centrifugation and transfer the clear lysate to the DNA binding filter tube. The cleared lysate contains a chaotropic salt originating from Neutralization Buffer which helps the binding of the plasmid DNA on the membrane surface. The DNA binding filter of the AccuPrep Plasmid MiniPrep DNA Extraction Kit is packed with silica based membrane has enough surface area to bind up to 20 μg of plasmid DNA. Any salts and precipitates are eliminated by addition of the Washing Buffer. Finally, highly purified plasmid DNA is eluted with low salt Elution Buffer and is immediately ready for downstream applications.

Features and Benefits

High nucleic acid purity: Ideal for all downstream applications
High yield: More plasmid
Value pricing: Great value for your dollar

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