AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-PCR PreMix from Bioneer

Full length cDNA synthesis and PCR followed by AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-PCR PreMix

Ordering Information

AccuPower® RocketScript™ RT-PCR PreMix contains Bioneer's exclusive RocketScript™ reverse transcriptase (RTase), Top DNA polymerase, dNTPs and reaction buffer components all in a single, easy to use, one-step RT-PCR product. By using RocketScript™ RTase, full-length cDNA are efficiently synthesized from complex secondary structure RNA species. RocketScript™ also has outstanding extension properties, allowing for highly-sensitive and high-yielding cDNA synthesis of low copy targets. The convenient lyophilized PreMix also contains tracking dye (blue and yellow) and also a density-increasing agent, allowing the user to directly place the reaction mixture in an agarose gel and perform electrophoresis.

Features and Benefits

Thermostable Activity:
Original M-MLV RTase has maximum activity at relatively low temperatures (42 °C), causing several problems in reverse transcription of complex secondary structure RNA molecules.
To remedy this issue, Bioneer has developed a RTase active at high temperatures (above 50°C). RocketScript™ has thermostable activity (42~70°C), allowing efficient cDNA synthesis from complex secondary structure RNA and give the user freedom to optimize the reverse transcription reaction based on temperature.

- The product contains our thermostable RTase RocketScript™, RNase inhibitors and all other components necessary for
  a successful RT reaction in a single tube. Just add RNA, primers and PCR-grade water to perform the RT reaction.
- Components necessary for agarose gel electrophoresis are also contained within the product including tracking dye and
  a density-increasing reagent for added convenience.
- vector cloning is possible without any additional reactions.

Each product batch is produced under strict quality control processes for accurate and reproducible end product manufacturing.

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