AccuTarget Custom siRNA Library

Design a custom siRNA Library from over 18,000 Human genes available in our predesigned library.

Ordering Information

Bioneer offers over 54,000 predesigned siRNAs for more than 18,000 target genes from Human. Search our extensive Human siRNA library by Gene ID, Symbol, Synonyms, Description, or Accession Number. Once you find all of your genes of interest, choose your guaranteed yield, and pooling preferences, simply enter your choices into our order form and submit to us. We will build your custom library and provide in convenient 96 well plates.

Features and Benefits

Flexible Library: Individual siRNAs per well or pooled by gene
Cost Saving: Test many genes of interest for a low cost per siRNA
Quick Turnaround: 5-7 business days in most cases
Free Bio-RP Purification: Near HPLC purity at no extra cost
High siRNA knockdown rates: 2 of three siRNAs suppress target mRNA levels > 80%
Unique design algorithm: Maximizes siRNA knockdown while minimizing off target effects

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