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The world's first fully automated protein synthesis and nucleic acid extraction system

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Bioneer's ExiProgen™ is a fully automated system for various scientific purposes in synthetic biology including synthesis of functional proteins or simple enzymes, biosimilars, and even therapeutic antibodies. ExiProgen™ is able to synthesize and purify up to 16 proteins in a single run. Simply, plasmid DNA or linear PCR product is added to the system followed by the synthesis of protein from Bioneer's E. coli extract for the transcription and translation processes. Target proteins are further purified by Ni-NTA magnetic beads in the system using His-tag on the protein. ExiProgen™ yields up to 100 µg of protein with the purity of >90% in approximately 6 hours. This versatile system also allows purification of nucleic acids from various sources including tissue, blood, bacteria, and plant. We believe that ExiProgen™ system will offer strong solutions for your research including drug discoveries.

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Features and Benefits

figure1 Built-in protocols optimized for protein synthesis/purification and the extraction of a wide variety of Nucleic Acid Samples
ExiProgen™ has more than 900 built-in protocols. Each has been optimized for conditions from sample sources to target nucleic acids leading to a successful protein synthesis/purification. This user-friendly interface allows reproducible and reliable results. The instrument software is also able to be upgraded automatically through the network connection to maintain the system to up-to-date with the best performing protocols.

figure2 Cooling Unit
ExiProgen™ ensures sample integrity which allows target protein to maintain functionality by housing a cooling unit where the elution tube rack is located. This presents a solution for overnight running and provide confidence in your results.

figure3 ExiProgen™ Magnetic block & Heating Unit
provides a Magnet & Heating block for protein or nucleic acid purification, which allows better extraction efficiency. Magnetic field is applied for pulling magnetic particles from sample wells for washing and eluting proteins or nucleic acids. Temperature of the heating block is tightly controlled, allowing it to generate reliable and reproducible results for protein synthesis. This also allows for evaporating away any residual ethanol after nucleic acid purification (Patent KR 10-1025135).

figure4 Contamination Shield
Contamination shield is designed to protect the assay from cross-contamination during instrument operation. Whenever the pipette tips are moving, the contamination shield is always co-located under the tips, therefore eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination which is necessary when working with multiple samples.

figure4 Easy to use LCD Touch screen
The 3.5" touch screen maximizes efficiency by offering an intuitive interface with simple push-button operation for processes such as selecting protocols and controlling the UV sterilization lamp.

figure3 UV sterilization lamp
ExiProgen™ is equipped with a powerful UV sterilization lamp that enables the user to sterilize the instrument chamber before and/or after experiment. This removes possible inter-assay cross-contamination that may occur.

Experimental Procedure


Principle of protein synthesis and purification

ExiProgen™ Protein Synthesis Kit utilizes E. coli extract to effectively control the transcription/translation process from nucleic acid templates which can be plasmids, or PCR products. Target protein is generated with a His-tag, which is then purified using the Ni-NTA magnetic bead provided. The final yield of purified protein is more than 100 µg with the purity of over 90%.


Nucleic acid extraction principle

ExiProgen™ DNA/ RNA Kits allows to extract nucleic acids efficiently through Bioneer's silica magnetic beads. High yields of ultrapure DNA or RNA are obtained with OD260/280 readings of > 1.8 for DNA and 2.0 for RNA.


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