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MagListo 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

Maglisto 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction kit is designed for quick extraction of Viral DNA/RNA from various sample types using magnetic silica coated nanobeads. Use with our Maglisto Magnetic Racks for a full manual solution.

The MagListo 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is compatible with automated platforms such as KingFisher® Flex.

Product MagListo™ 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (100 rxn)
Sample type Serum, plasma, CSF, saliva
Starting sample volumeUp to 400 µl
Minimum elution volume50 µl
Preparation time~ 30 min

Catalog# Product
K-3624 MagListo™ 5M Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (100 rxn)


AccuNanoBead™ Silica Magnetic Nanobeads

Magnetic beads are used as materials for cell experiments, DNA purification and disease observation, and can also be used as materials for direct treatment. This AccuNanoBead™ have the advantages of high Binding Capacity due to their relatively large surface area because they are nano-sized.

  • Features and Benefits:
    • Miniscule size: Average sizes of 400 nm magnetic nanobeads
    • Uniformed size distribution
    • Sphere form of silica coated magnetic nanobeads
    • Excellent protein purification efficiency
    • Rapid purification

Catalog# Product
TA-1010-1 AccuNanoBead Silica Magnetic Nanobeads, size 400nm