Frequently asked questions for Oligo Synthesis and siRNA

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• siRNA FAQ’s

Synthesis and Order

Q1. How is siRNA synthesized?

Q2. How do I order pre-designed siRNAs?

Q3. When can I expect delivery?

Q4. Up to how many bases can Bioneer synthesize?

Q5. What form will my order be in?

Q6. I want to conduct an in vitro experiment. What scale should I choose? What purification should I select?

Q7. Can Bioneer synthesize chimeric RNA?

Q8. I would like to order over four (4) siRNA candidates for a single gene. How do I order?

Q9. The Genome-wide predesigned siRNA didn\'t work like I expected. What do I do?

Q10. Are phosphate groups present on the 5\' or 3\' ends of the synthesized siRNA?

Modified siRNA

Q1. What types of modified siRNAs are there?

Handling and Storage

Q1. How to I store my siRNAs and how long do they keep?

Q2. How do I reconstitute my siRNA?

Q3. How to I store my fluorescent dye modified siRNA?


Q1. I would like to know how the synthesized siRNA is purified.

Quantification and Concentration

Q1. What does the O.D. value mean?

Q2. How do I calculate the amount of siRNA from the O.D. value?

Q3. If my 18-mer siRNA (3G, 4C, 5A, 6U) O.D. value was 0.7, then how much siRNA do I have?

Q4. How do I calculate the molecular weight of the synthesized siRNA molecule?

Q5. Can I know how many ng the synthesized product is?

Q6. How do I reach a target concentration?

Q7. How do I convert between morlarity and moles?


Q1. What are some precautions for a siRNA experiment?

Q2. This is my first siRNA experiment. How do I set my experimental conditions?

Q3. To what cell density should I culture my cells before siRNA transfection?

Q4. What concentration of siRNA should I use for transfection?

Q5. How do I use 10 nmole of siRNA to transfect cells at 100 nM?

Q6. What transfection reagent do I use?

Q7. How do I verify my siRNA transfection efficiency?

Q8. Is there a way to know my siRNAs knockdown efficiency beforehand?

Q9. What controls are used for a siRNA experiment?

Q10. How do I verify the siRNA knockdown efficiency?

Q11. What are AccuTarget Genome-wide Predesigned siRNAs?

Q12. What are AccuTarget validated siRNAs?

Q13. Can I order siRNAs targeted for a specific gene?

Q14. What are precautions for handling siRNA?

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