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ExiSpin from Bioneer

Compact and convenient benchtop centrifuge combined with a powerful vortexer

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ExiSpin™ (*NEW*)

Essential Reproducibility, Enhanced Reliability, Excellent Results

ExiSpin has the functions of a vortexer as well as a microcentrifuge and will significantly save you time in the lab. ExiSpin comes complete with rotors for 4 x 8-strip tubes and 12 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes. Use it for Minipreps, to resuspend oligos, set up you PCR reactions, or any task that requires vortexing in micro test tube or 0.2 ml PCR tubes.

Once you try the ExiSpin, you will find it an essential instrument for you laboratory. Contact your local sales representative for a demo today!

Features and Benefits

Full speed vortex and centrifuge: No need to vortex by hand and load a centrifuge to spin down
Programmable: Flexible programming ensures reproducible mixing
Economical: For less than the cost of a Vortexer, you get a Centrifuge too!

• Fully Automated Spin-Mix-Spin Technology
The time and strength of centrifugation/mixing is fully programmable. The numbers of spin-mix-spin cycles can be set (1-999). After this input, a single button automatically starts the process as follows:

1. 1st spin: Spin down samples to a bottom of tube
2. Vortexing of samples
3. 2nd spin: Spin down mixed samples to a bottom of tube

• Convenience and High Reproducibility
It provides reproducible results using protocols optimized to samples by preventing the possibilities of experimental errors. Four 8-strips tubes can be handled simultaneously, which enable 32 PCR/QPCR mixture tubes ready to run at once. Twelve 1.5 ml tubes can be loaded for simultaneous cell lysis and subsequent centrifuge-down. The programmed speed and time quarantine the reproducibility of each application.

• Economical and Efficient
ExiSpin has both a centrifuge and vortex function. You can save not only your time but also the budget by purchasing one instead of two separate instruments. 12 x 1.5 ml rotor and 4 x 8-strip rotor (Figure. 1) are easily changed and both rotors are included in the basic system.


Figure 1.Presented rotors for 8-strip PCR tube [left] and 1.5 ml microtube [right]

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