Automated Bisulfite Conversion


Learn about Bioneer's FAST Automated cfDNA extraction/Bisulfite Conversion solution for liquid biopsy. Using 2-3ml of whole blood, our system will run cfDNA extraction and bisulfite conversion in 2.5 hours to quickly run methylation analysis.

  • Bisulfite conversion is the most commonly used tool for the methylation states of individual cytosines in DNA.
  • Bisulfite treatment converts unmethylated cytosines to uracils and leaves 5 methylcytosines unchanged.
  • High Extraction and conversion efficiency with reproducible results
  • Much faster runtime than traditional methods: 2.5hr
  • Prefilled cartridge system for efficient and reproducible results

General Process of Bisulfite Conversion
  • General bisulfite conversion include complex steps deamination, binding, desulfonation, washing, and elution.
  • It requires more than hours and it sis challenging to treat several samples at once in an elaborate way
Genomic DNA extraction:
Bisulfite conversion:

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