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ExiPrep™ 96 Lite

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ExiPrep™ 96 Lite is a instrument that automatically extracts nucleic acids using magnetic rods from up to 96 samples. Nucleic acid extraction is possible within less than 30 minutes in a small place (width 40 x height 58 cm).

Features and Benefits

  • Simultaneous sample extraction
    Nucleic acid extraction from at least 32 to 96 samples by magnetic rods composed of 32 units, allowing usage without reagent waste
  • Built-in optimized nucleic acid extraction protocol
    Built-in optimized nucleic acid extraction protocol for optimized kits and various samples, with a function for users to easily create their own protocol for special samples
  • Minimize nucleic acid extraction time
    Quick nucleic acid extraction time only within 30 minutes
  • Wide compatibility
    Nucleic acid extraction possible from various types of sample such as blood, bacteria, tissues, cells, plants, etc.
  • Prevention of contamination
    Various parts such as UV lamp, contamination shield, etc. equipped to prevent contamination
  • inimum workspace
    Minimized equipment size and increased lab space efficiency