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For your individual needs, high throughput or bulk quantities


Individual needs, high throughput or bulk quantities, Bioneer has your oligo bases covered.

Bioneer, founded in 1992, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of synthetic oligonucleotides (DNA and RNA). In-house production of raw materials (phosphoramidites, reagents & solvents) along with automated oligo synthesis and purification systems result in superior quality oligonucleotides at a great price. Since Bioneer manufactures all the components of our oligonucleotides, we manage the quality control every step of the way – ensuring that you receive only the highest quality product. Every Bioneer oligonucleotide is purified free of charge utilizing our unique Bio-RP cartridge purification technology. Bio-RP removes many impurities and synthesis failure products that are still present in an oligo after desalting*. These impurities contribute to the OD measurement of competitor oligonucleotides that are merely desalted – and artificially inflate their yield (see below). The end result of Bioneer’s Bio-RP cartridge purification is near HPLC quality purification with only full-length product. We are so confident in our oligonucleotides that we are the only company to offer a 100% guarantee that they will work for your PCR or qPCR application!
With high throughput oligo synthesis facilities around the world, Bioneer’s daily capacity is unsurpassed. Bioneer is unrivalled in its ability to address the needs of customers requiring a few oligonucleotides on a regular basis and those customers that require very large numbers of oligonucleotides on a less frequent basis. We respond to your needs – personally.

Features and Benefits

Free Bio-RP purification: Near HPLC purity at a standard oligo price
Broad range of modifications available: If you don’t see it, just ask, we can probably do it
Competitive pricing: Great value for your research dollar

Why is Bio-RP purification better than desalting?

Most oligos sold are merely deprotected/desalted. The process of deprotection/desalting only partially purifies the oligo and leaves behind many impurities* and failure products (truncated oligos that will not amplify, and can even interfere with certain applications). These can lead to artificially inflated OD readings that increase with oligo length. Bio-RP purification removes all these contaminants and failure products, resulting in an oligo that is near HPLC purity. The advantage to you is that our product contains only quality oligos without impurities that can inhibit some PCR reactions, and potentially skew qPCR reactions. We have the same amount of active oligo as our competitors; they just have more “other” inflating their OD. To demonstrate this, plates of Oligos of various sizes were tested for concentration in 2 steps: 1) After a deprotection/desalting step only, and 2) after Bio-RP purification. (Fig. 1)

The results of these tests show that the amount of failed sequences and impurities* increase with length (as expected), but are not removed by deprotection/desalting alone. This results in inflated OD readings for oligos depending on oligo size. (Table 1)


Figure 1. Plates of Oligos of various lengths were tested for concentration after desalting and then by Bio-RP cartridge purification. Note inflated OD readings when deprotection/desalting alone is used.

     Oligo Size 18 - 24 24 - 29 30 - 34 35 - 41
     OD Inflation 38% 45% 60% 77%

Table 1. Average OD inflation seen for oligos of various sizes when protection/desalting alone is employed. Note for longer oligos, up to 77% of product does not consist of functional oligo.

*Impurities in desalted oligos may include: Acetonitrile, Pyridine, Iodine, Ethylthio tetrazole, Dichloromethane, Acetic acid, Acrylonitrile, Benzamide and Isobutyramide.

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