AccuTarget Custom siRNA and siRNA design services from Bioneer

Custom siRNA's according to your specs, or let us design them using our software at no extra cost*

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Bioneer's Custom siRNA synthesis service offers exceptional quality siRNAs to knock down your target genes. Custom siRNAs can be synthesized according to sequence information you provide, or you can take advantage of our complimentary siRNA design service*. Up to 30-mer siRNA including a choice of 32 different 3' overhangs can be ordered with a variety of modification options for expanded specificity. siRNA is provided purified, annealed, lyophilized and ready-to-use. For even greater convenience, check out our AccuTarget Genome-wide Pre-designed siRNA - siRNAs pre-designed for human (18,084 genes), mouse (17,118 genes) and rat (9,392 genes) synthesized and ready-to-ship.

All custom siRNAs are synthesized in our state-of-the-art clean room facility and then purified free of charge utilizing Bioneer's BioRP purification system. For higher purity, HPLC purification is available at an additional charge. Each siRNA is quality controlled by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to guarantee highest quality and analyzed by PAGE to confirm its duplex structure.

Features and Benefits

Guaranteed performance: Two of three custom siRNA will give 80% siRNA knockdown**
Guaranteed Quality: Manufactured in a state-of-the-art clean room and QC’ed by MALDI-TOF and PAGE
Custom siRNA design service available: Turbo si-Designer software design is available free of charge*
Competitive pricing: Overhang and annealing service provided free of charge, great value for your research dollar

*Complimentary siRNA design service is available only when a customer orders the corresponding siRNA(s) from Bioneer.
**80% siRNA knockdown guarantee policy is not applied to custom siRNA design for noncoding RNA by Turbo si-Designer.

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