Oligo Purification from Bioneer

Complimentary Bio-RP cartridge for every oligo


All oligos synthesized by Bioneer are purified using the Bio-RP oligo purification system. This uses the oligo purification cartridge (OPC) technology and generates oligos that are > 85% pure. This oligonucleotide purification cartridge service is available free of cost on all oligos. We also offer HPLC and PAGE purification.

Selling Desalting Oligos is a dirty business

Bioneer would never sell merely desalted oligos. The fact is that oligos that are only desalted contain a large amount of truncated products and chemicals from synthesis that can interfere with some PCR reactions and are especially likely to result in more “qualitative” than “quantitative” results in Real-Time PCR reactions. That’s why Bioneer oligo purification cartridge purifies each and every oligo we sell —and we do it free-of-charge. We promise you that we will never sell reagents that our own scientist’s would not use in their own experiments. And we have some very demanding scientists.

Oligo desalting vs Bio-RP Oligo Cartridge Purification:

Most oligos sold by other companies are merely deprotected/desalted. This process only partially purifies the oligo and leaves behind many impurities including: Acetonitrile, Pyridine, Iodine, Ethylthio tetrazole, Dichloromethane, Acetic acid, Acrylonitrile, Benzamide and Isobutyramide, Not to mention large amounts of truncated Oligos. (See Fig. 1) Bioneer’s Bio-RP purified Oligos are cleaner and work better in sensitive applications. We stand behind them with a 100% performance guarantee!

oligo purification

Figure 1. Plates of Oligos of various lengths were tested for concentration after desalting and then by Bio-RP cartridge oligo purification. Note inflated OD readings when deprotection/desalting alone is used.

Bio-RP Oligo Purification

The Bio-RP cartridge is a unique reverse-phase cartridge oligo purification system invented at Bioneer. It removes virtually all truncated products and chemical impurities. This technology yields oligos that are superior in purity than that obtained by standard desalting procedures. In fact, they are “near HPLC Purity – at no extra charge to you!

PAGE Oligo Purification

PAGE oligo purification is recommended for oligos between 50-100 bases. This yields oligos with purity levels over 95% purity. Subsequently yield obtained is lower than other purification techniques.

HPLC Oligo Purification

HPLC is recommended for both modified and unmodified oligos up to 50 bases in length. Our HPLC oligo purifications always start with a trityl on purification, and are often followed by a second full gradient trityl off HPLC. This is our Double RP-HPLC Oligo Purification process that gives an extra level of purification. In some cases, the initial trityl-on purification is entirely sufficient and a cartridge is utilized in the subsequent trityl-off oligo processing. This RP-HPLC purification process can yield highly pure material, especially when the oligonucleotide is not complex. When synthesizing compounds that require post-synthetic modification, such as dye labeling, we will perform an additional RP-HPLC oligo purification.

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