Business Development & Partnerships

We are actively seeking productive partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies that advance the clinical development of RNAi using our proprietary SAMiRNA technology. We are currently co-developing SAMiRNA drugs for liver cancer targets through the partnership with Sanofi.

Our Business Development Strategies for SAMiRNA Prodrug Technology include:

Establish strategic alliances with pharmaceutical companies to develop RNAi therapeutics for selected indications
Out-license SAMiRNA technology for therapeutic development on a gene-by-gene basis
   : Provide us with your target genes, and we will provide R&D from siRNA discovery and validation to non-human primate
   testing and IND filing. Partnering with us grants you an exclusive license to the world’s best siRNA prodrug
   for your target gene.
API manufacturing of SAMiRNA and supply to partners

Partnering with Bioneer for RNAi therapeutics development

Fully vertically integrated siRNA drug development processes
: Bioneer is an ideal partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies currently working on the development of RNAi therapeutics, or seeking to enter the RNAi field. With world's best RNAi core technologies and large scale manufacturing infrastructure, Bioneer can take you from raw material manufacturing and preclinical tests to IND filing.

Summary of Bioneer's SAMiRNA Business Development and Partnership strategy

  • SAMiRNA solves the unmet needs in RNAi drug development
  • Partnering with global pharmaceutical companies for the development of SAMiRNA therapeutics
  • Out-license SAMiRNA for new therapeutic development on a gene-by-gene basis
  • Fully vertically integrated drug development processes:
  • Focus on 'undruggable' targets: faster orphan drug development pathway
    - Liver cancer: co-development of SAMiRNA drug for HCC targets with Sanofi,
    - Colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer
    - COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) / IPF (Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis)
    - Antiviral & Biodefense

Non confidential data is available upon request.

We welcome all inquiries regarding partnership opportunities. Please contact us at

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