Bioneer - Product Ordering

Stock products (AccuPower®, AccuPrep®, DNA ladders and Markers, siRNA libraries, etc.)

1. Visit our website at
2. Register if you have not done so, or log in to your account.
3. Click on Products.
4. Select Quick Order from the drop down menu.
5. Select the desired series under one of the headers of the product chart.
6. Scroll through the product display table and click on the Shopping Cart icon.
7. Repeat steps 4-6 to order additional items.
8. Click Proceed to Checkout.
9. Review shopping cart, billing, and shipping information.
10. Input method of payment.
11. Click Submit.


1. Visit our website at
2. Click on Products.
3. Select Quick Order from the drop down menu.
4. Click on Oligos - Tube Order Online.
5. Complete the form and save it to your hard drive.
    Input the sequence name
    Select the scale & purification
    Select any modification
    Input the sequence
    Click Add to Cart
6. Click on Upload File.
    Follow the file format listed in the screenshot
    Save the file as text tab delimited format
    Click on Browse
    After the file is located click on Create Oligo
    Click Add to Cart


Inquire with Customer Service.

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Inquire with Customer Service.

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