Large Scale Oligonucleotide Synthesis from Bioneer

Oligonucleotide synthesis | Large scale oligos ranging from mg to gram scales – wide range of modifications available

Ordering Information

Bioneer’s production facilities can accommodate large scale oligonucleotide synthesis orders ranging from milligrams to tens of grams of the purest DNA and RNA oligos, including both standard and modified. A large portion of our bulk oligo customers are involved in research requiring antisense oligos, which has opened the door to new approaches in the development of pharmaceuticals and target validation. Some of the frequently used modifications are:

Phosphorothioates and Chimeric Oligos:
General oligonucleotides are subject to rapid degradation by nucleases. Therefore, oligos for antisense application are usually synthesized with a phosphorothioate bond modification to make them resistant to nuclease activity. In phosphorothioates, a sulfur atom replaces a binding oxygen in the oligo phosphate backbone.

2' O-Methyl RNA oligos:
2' O-Methyl RNA increases nuclease stability and affinity of the antisense oligo to the target RNA.

Features and Benefits

Free Bio-RP purification: Near HPLC purity at a standard oligo price
Broad range of modifications available: If you don’t see it, just ask, we can probably do it
Competitive pricing: Great value for your research dollar
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