Spacer phosphoramidites from Bioneer

For oligonucleotide synthesis. Wide range of lengths

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Features of Spacer Amidites

  • Spacer phosphoramidites are used to place spacer arms into oligonucleotides.
    C3, C6 and C12 spacer phosphoramidites contain an aliphatic linker which can be added to oligos requiring long spacer arms. In general, spacer phosphoramidites are used during oligonucleotide synthesis to introduce a spacer into the sequence, bridging sections of an oligonucleotide.
  • C6 disulfide phosphoramidites contain a disulfide linker which can be added to oligos requiring disulfide spacer arms.
  • 12, 18 atom spacer phosphoramidites contain an ethylene glycol linker which can be added to oligos requiring ethylene glycol spacer arms.
  • Abasic and dSpacers are used to introduce a stable abasic site within an oligonucleotide.
  • Hexadecane and octadecane phosphoramidites are hydrophobic.

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