AccuPrep Plasmid MiniPrep DNA Extraction Kit from Bioneer

For use in PCR, sub-cloning, sequencing, in-vitro transcription and other applications

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Protocol < 30 minutes


PCR, cloning, sub-cloning, sequencing, in-vitro transcription, and labeling

accuprep series figure1

Figure 1. A comparison of yield with various purification systems. AccuPrep Plasmid Mini DNA Extraction Kit gives a highest yield and linearity followed by increased cell volume. Each bacterial cells were incubated at 37°C for 16 hours, O.D600 = 1.5. Every experiments repeated three times.

accuprep series figure2

Figure 2. 200 μg of extracted plasmid DNA(pBluescript SK(+)) was digested with XbaI. Each enzymes completely recognize its restriction enzyme site and digest.

Lane M :1 Lambda DNA / Hind III + EcoR I Marker
Lane B: AccuPrep Plasmid Mini Extraction Kit
Lane P: Competitors

accuprep series figure3

Figure 3. 200 μg of extracted plasmid DNA (pBluescript SK(+)) was digested with various restriction enzymes. Each enzyme completely recognizes its restriction enzyme site and digest.

Lane M:1 Lambda DNA / Hind III + EcoR I Marker
Lane U: Un-cut plasmid DNA, K: Kpn I, X: Xho I, SI: Sal I, H: Hind III, E: Eco RI, P: Pst I, Sm: Sma I, B: Bam HI, S: Spe I, Xb: Xba I, N: Not I, Sc: Sac I

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