AccuPrep® Universal RNA Extraction Kit

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AccuPrep® Universal RNA Extraction Kit provides rapid and convenient extraction of RNA from cultured cells, and tissue samples using spin columns. There is no need for phenol/chloroform extractions or other cumbersome, extra steps. RNA extracted from AccuPrep® Universal RNA Extraction Kit is ready for RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, cDNA synthesis, Northern Blotting, in vitro translation and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly purified RNA extracted from a variety of tissues and cells
  • Silica based RNA binding column with high binding efficiency
  • No organic solvents used

Reagents K-3141 K-3140
RB Buffer 30 ml x 1 ea 60 ml x 1 ea
RWA1 Buffer 40 ml x 1 ea 80 ml x 1 ea
RWA2 Buffer 70 ml x 1 ea 70 ml x 2 ea
ER Buffer 10 ml x 1 ea 20 ml x 1 ea
AccuPrep® Binding Column-â…¢ 50 ea 100 ea
1.5 ml Tube (for collection) 50 ea 100 ea
Quick Manual 1 1