AccuPrep 96 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit from Bioneer

High throughput plasmid minipreps in under 40 minutes. Ultrapure DNA ready for any molecular application.

Ordering Information

Bioneer’s AccuPrep 96 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit is used for the high throughput extraction of plasmid DNA from 96 different bacterial culture samples. Bacterial cultures can be grown and lysed in the AccuPrep 96-well blocks provided with the Plasmid Extraction kit. Purification is accomplished with the BioVac 96 Vacuum Manifold. Average A260/A280 ratio greater than 1.8. Maximum yield of 17 μg.

The DNA extraction protocol used by Bioneer’s AccuPrep 96 Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit is a modified alkaline lysis. After lysis and precipitation of gDNA and most proteins, chaotropic salts that enhance the binding of DNA to the AccuPrep filter surface and activate the binding. After vacuum filtration with the BioVac 96 Vacuum Manifold, the contaminants, such as salts and other proteins, are filtered out by using trapping plate and only plasmid DNA binds to the AccuPrep binding plate that contains glass fibers. The AccuPrep binding plate is washed using WB buffer after the process, and then dried completely. High-purity plasmid is obtained by eluting the plasmid DNA in AccuPrep EL Buffer, and is ready for immediate use in downstream applications.

Features and Benefits

Fast: Ready-to-use plasmid DNA in 40 minutes
High purity: Reproducibly high yields of molecular biology grade plasmid DNA
Value pricing: Great value for your dollar
Flexibility: This product is also compatible with other companies' vacuum manifold systems
(QIAGEN, Promega, Axygen and Eppendorf)

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