MagListo™ 5M Plasmid Extraction Kit from Bioneer

Just 5 minutes to extract nucleic acids without centrifuge

Ordering Information

MagListo™ 5M Plasmid Extraction Kitis an innovative product to extract plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures in 5min for mini prep, 10min for midi and 15min for maxi using magnetic nano beads and Maglisto™ Magnetic Separation Rack. This kit is designed to be used for any scale of extraction (mini, midi and maxi prep) by measuring out proper volume of each solution in the kit. Additionally, the use of Maglisto™ Magnetic Separation Rack along with the kit greatly increases user convenience and reduces process time without the need of centrifugation..

Features and Benefits

  • Magnetic bead technology enables rapid extraction: mini-5min., midi-10min., maxi-15min.
  • No need of costly instruments except MagListo™ Magnetic Separation Rack.
  • One kit serves mini, midi and maxi scale prep.

Reagents K-3601
(100 reactions in mini scale)
(500 reactions in mini scale)
Buffer (1) (Resuspension buffer) 25 ml x 1 ea 110 ml x 1 ea
Buffer (2) (Lysis buffer) 25 ml x 1 ea 110 ml x 1 ea
Buffer (3) (Neutralization buffer) 25 ml x 1 ea 110 ml x 1 ea
Buffer (4) (Washing buffer) 75 ml x 1 ea 160 ml x 2 ea
Buffer (5) (Binding buffer) 15 ml x 1 ea 50 ml x 1 ea
RNase A powder, lyophilized 3 mg x 1 ea 12 mg x 1 ea
Magnetic nano bead 1.2 ml x 5 ea 1.2 ml x 25 ea
  *mini – 100 rxn, midi – 10 rxn, maxi – 4 rxn
  **mini – 500 rxn, midi – 50 rxn, maxi – 18 rxn

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