AccuPrep® PCR/Gel Purification Kit

The 2 in 1 kit for PCR purification and Gel extraction offers simpler protocol and concentrated DNA

Ordering Information

AccuPrep® PCR/Gel Purification Kit is for purification of up to 30 µg of fragment DNA from agarose gels or enzymatic reactions including PCR products. DNA ranging from 50 bp to 20 kb can be purified and eluted in as little as 30 ul. Average recovery yield is up to 95%. Purified, reay-to-use DNA fragments can be used in subcloning, sequencing and other molecular biological applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Fragment DNA purification from various enzymatic reaction products (restriction enzyme digestion, A-tailing, labeling) or TAE, TBE buffered agarose gels
  • Up to 95% recovery
  • Up to 30 µg binding capacity for fragment DNA ranging 50 bp - 20 kb

Components K-3037 K-3038
FB Buffer (Fragment DNA Binding Buffer) 120 ml x 2 ea 60 ml
WB1 Buffer (Washing Buffer) 80 ml x 2 ea 40 ml
W2 Buffer (Washing Buffer) 80 ml x 3 ea 60 ml
EA Buffer (Elution Buffer) 15 ml 15 ml
AccuPrep® Binding Column-II 200 ea 50 ea
Collection tube 200 ea 50 ea
One Page Protocol 1 ea 1 ea