ExiPrep™ Plus Plant Genomic DNA Kit from Bioneer

Automatic Genomic DNA Extraction Kit for various plant leaf and seed samples – ExiPrep™ Plus Plant Genomic DNA Extraction Kit

Ordering Information

ExiPrep™ Plus Plant Genomic DNA Kit
ExiPrep™ Plus Plant Genomic DNA Kit enables extraction of genomic DNA from various plant samples with high yield and purity using automated nucleic acid extraction instruments, ExiPrep™16 Plus and ExiProgen™. The Plant Lysis Buffer and Proteinase K is optimized for various plants, which increases extraction yield of genomic DNA. This kit is able to process up to 16 samples in a single run.

Features and Benefits

  • All reagents are pre-dispensed into a buffer cartridge system
  • The kit provides optimized buffer for extraction of genomic DNA from plant samples
  • The kit contains all required consumables such as disposable filter tips, elution tubes, and reaction tubes
  • Bioneer’s patented magnetic silica beads ensure high yield and purity.
  • The automated process ensures reproducible results


Components Quantity Note
Buffer Cartridge ① 6 ea  
Buffer Cartridge ② 6 ea  
Plant Lysis buffer 1 ea 25 ml
Proteinase K 2 ea 20 mg/tube
Disposable filter tip 3 pack 32 ea/pack
Elution tube 1 pack 12 ea/pack
Manual 1 ea  

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