Rapid Plasmid Purification with AccuPrep Nano-Plus from Bioneer

DNA Extraction Kits: 10 min Plasmid Minipreps; 30 min Midipreps; and 45 min maxipreps

Ordering Information

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Bioneer introduces AccuPrep Nano-Plus Plasmid DNA Extraction Kits - the first in a series of unique and revolutionary nucleic acid purification kits that maximize DNA purity, improve yield and significantly reduce prep time—while minimizing costs. AccuPrep Nano-Plus kits are available in Miniprep, Midiprep and Maxiprep formats. A centrifuge can be used to purify plasmid DNA with our AccuPrep Nano-Plus kits, and, thanks to our Nano-Plus technology (see below), plasmid purification is significantly faster than other spin column based dna extraction kits. In addition, Nano-Plus plasmid DNA extraction kits can also be used in concert with our unique AccuCap for even faster isolation using a standard laboratory air pressure system (> 40 psi) or an air pump (compressor). Bioneer’s AccuPrep Nano-Plus Plasmid DNA Extraction Kits were designed to improve quality and significantly accelerate the isolation of highly purified plasmid DNA from cultured bacterial cells. AccuPrep Nano-Plus plasmid DNA extraction kits combine alkaline lysis and novel nano technology available only from Bioneer. Pelleted bacterial cells are resuspended and treated with a proprietary Nano Solution. Following the addition of Lysis Buffer and Neutralization Buffer to the lysate, the chromosomal DNA and cell debris form an insoluble aggregate. Bioneer’s Nano Solution effectively drives improved aggregation, while increasing the total weight of the complex and significantly reducing the centrifugation time to clear the lysate. The results are higher quality DNA with considerably reduced prep time.

Features and Benefits

Significantly faster prep time: Get more work done!
High nucleic acid purity: Ideal for all downstream applications
High yield: More plasmid
Unique AccuCap design: Dramatically speeds isolation using a lab pressure system
Mini, Midi and Maxi versions: Standard formats for any need
Competitive pricing: Great value for your dollar

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