AccuPrep + PrepMate Series from Bioneer

A family of incredibly versatile DNA Purification and RNA purification products

Selection Guide

Bioneer’s value priced nucleic acid purification kits are classified into three distinct series of products.

1) AccuPrep series

The AccuPrep Kits use a spin-column and chaotropic salts to bind nucleic acids to an activated glass filter with exceptionally high binding capacity. Contaminants are removed during subsequent washing steps and high-purity nucleic acid is eluted with a low-salt buffer. AccuPrep’s simple protocols use no harmful organic solvents and require no ethanol precipitation.

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2) AccuPrep 96-well plate series

Based on the same easy-to-use AccuPrep protocol, the AccuPrep 96-well plate series of products are designed to isolate high-purity nucleic acid from 96 samples simultaneously using the BioVac™ 96 Vacuum Manifold. The extracted high-purity nucleic acid is eluted with a low-salt buffer and can be used in subsequent applications without any additional purification.

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3) PrepMate™series

The PrepMate series are solution-based purification products that improve upon more traditional nucleic acid extraction methods for maximum speed and convenience. Each PrepMate product has an optimized buffer system for a specific type of nucleic acid and source. This results in maximum removal of contaminants and minimal loss of yield. PrepMate products offer a low-cost alternative to silica based purification systems.

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Features and Benefits

High nucleic acid purity: Great for any downstream application
High yield: Activated silica with an exceptionally high binding capacity for AccuPrep, PrepMate minimizes loss with unique buffer systems
Competitive Pricing: Great value for your research dollar

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