AccuPrep PCR Purification Kits from Bioneer

High Throughput purification of DNA fragments from PCR and other enzymatic products in under 25 minutes.

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Bioneer’s AccuPrep 96 PCR Purification Kit is a high throughput PCR purification kit that allows PCR product purification from up to 96 PCR reactions at once. The AccuPrep 96 PCR Purification Kit allows purification of up 10 μg of DNA fragments from PCR and other enzymatic products within 25 minutes. The AccuPrep 96 PCR Purification Kit features recovery efficiencies up to 95%. Size range is 100 bp - 10 kb, thus 20-40 mer oligonucleotides and primer dimers found in PCR reactions are easily removed. Removal of mineral oil is not necessary.

The principle of the AccuPrep 96 PCR Purification Kit is based on the adsorption of DNA in glass filter. Purification is accomplished with the BioVac 96 Vacuum Manifold. Chaotropic salt enhances the binding of DNA onto a glass filter that is fixed in the AccuPrep 96 Binding plate. Adsorption of DNA is very selective so that other proteins and salts are not adsorbed and pass through the glass filter. Washing eliminates salts and other proteins that may bind non-specifically. High-purity DNA fragments are eluted with provided AccuPrep EL Buffer (10 mM Tris-Cl, pH 8.5) or distilled water. Purified DNA fragment can be immediately used for subcloning, sequencing and other molecular biological applications.

Features and Benefits

Fast: Ready-to-use DNA in 25 minutes
High purity: Reproducibly high yields of molecular biology grade DNA
Value pricing: Great value for your dollar

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