AccuGeneBlock service from Bioneer

Up to 1 Kb DNA fragment, with Fast Turnaround Time

Ordering Information

AccuGeneBlock Service provides synthesis of double strand DNA fragments (less than 1 kb) in as little as 3 days. It is a brand new service offered by Bioneer, a leader in Gene Synthesis. AccuGeneBlock service provides you with your gene fragments
at a great price with fast turnaround time so you can use it easily and quickly in synthetic biology research.

AccuGeneBlock products are supplied to you as 200 - 500 ng of lyophilized DNA fragments. The 5' ends are not phosphorylated, and there is a 3' A overhang for TOPO cloning as the default – Note that you may specify blunt-ends if you choose. Sequence verification is available on request.

AccuGeneBlocks are a low-cost alternative to Gene Synthesis and provide you with high quality DNA – Fast! They are
the most convenient and affordable gene construction and/or modification tool available, and make synthetic biology methodology affordable and efficient for every lab.

Features and Benefits

Value Pricing
The best value for your research dollar ($95.00 for <500 bp)

Accurate and Fast Synthesis
Fully Automatic Synthesis makes it possible to synthesize high-quality genes in as little as 3 days

Easy Protein Synthesis
Gene fragments can be used for Protein Synthesis with PCR templates using ExiProgen

Synthesis of large Genes
You may combine multiple AccuGeneBlocks in order to synthesize large Genes through Cloning,
Gene Assembly methods, etc.

Codon Optimization - Free of charge!
Complimentary codon optimization on request to enhance protein expression and functionality


Synthesis of large genes
It is possible to make the larger genes by combining multiple AccuGeneBlocks through cloning, Gene Assembly methods, etc. using the double strand DNA provided.

Protein Modification
Codon optimization can increase protein expression levels, and a mutant library derived from this process can provide proteins with enhanced function. Optimizations include the removal of secondary structure and/or repeat reduction, as well as optimization for expression in different organisms.

Antibody Construction
Antibodies which target specific diseases or proteins can be codon-optimized for maximum expression in the host organism.
Also, an antibody library can be constructed to screen for the best antibody variant.

Organism Production Optimization
Optimization of gene expression to maximize the efficiency and yield of industrial biological production facilities

Gene Construction
Easy production of hard-to-clone DNA sequences.

Schematics of Gene Synthesis Process

Schematics of Gene Synthesis Process
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