Oligo Type:                     Plate
Ship Method: WetDry
Plate Arrangement: A1, A2, A3 A1, B1, C1
Plate Type: Deep Well Shallow Well
Normalization: uM and uL
Plate Notes:
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Post Handling Services:
Concentration normalized - Standard($0.15)
Concentration normalized - Custom($0.20)
Aliquoting to daughter Plates($0.20)
Mixing primers($0.20)

File format: Text(Tab Delimited)(*.txt)
<Plate Name> <Well Location> <Sequence Name> <Oligo Sequence> <Notes>
<Plate Name> <Well Location> <Sequence Name> <Oligo Sequence> <Notes>
<Plate Name> <Well Location> <Sequence Name> <Oligo Sequence> <Notes>
√ For mixed bases, use the code letters as follows: R(A, g); Y(C, T); M(A, C); K(g, T); S(g, C); W(A, T); V(A, C, g); H(A, T, C); B(g, T, C); D(G, A, T); N(A, C, g, T)
√ Please note HPLC & PAGE is not available on the 25nmole scale
√ 25 nmole (max. length 60 bases) - 50 nmole (max. length 75 bases) - 200 nmole (max. length 110 bases) - 1.0 umole (max. length 130 bases)
10 umole (max. length 130 bases) - 15 umole (max. length 130 bases)
Valid Options:
Scale Purification 5' Mods Internal Mods 3' Mods
25 nmole
50 nmole
200 nmole
1 umole
10 umole
15 umole
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