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Features of DNA Phosphoramidites

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Features of DNA Phosphoramidites

- Amine functions are protected by protecting groups {dA(Bz), dC(Bz), dC(Ac), dG(Ib)}.
- The recommended procedure for cleavage and deprotection for standard oligonucleotide synthesis is treatment with concentrated ammonia for 8 hours at 55°C or by the use of methylamine gas.
- The purities of manufactured nucleoside phosphoramidites are determined by 31P-NMR and RP-HPLC analysis and controlled to be greater than 99%.
- All reagents are conveniently packaged for ABI instruments. Expedite- and Mermade-compatible vials are also available upon request.

fig1   fig2
Fig 1. dA(Bz)-Phosphoramidite HPLC Data
RP- HPLC : ≥ 99%
Fig 2. dA(Bz)-Phosphoramidite 31P-NMR Data
31P-NMR : ≥ 99%
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