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Enzymes from Bioneer

For PCR, Reverse Transcription, RT-PCR and Ligation

Selection Guide

Novel PCR polymerases with unique performance features

Bioneer offers a wide range of enzymes for PCR, Reverse Transcription, Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) and DNA Ligation. Our Top DNA Polymerase is the fastest thermostable PCR polymerase on the market. We are the only company to use a novel “enzyme-mediated” HotStart in our enzymes. In addition, our CycleScript Reverse Transcriptase uses a Cyclic-RT reaction that allows for robust cDNA synthesis of the rarest transcripts.

For faster and easier reaction set up, the AccuPower PreMix Series contains each enzyme and all other PCR contents in an easy to resuspend lyophilized mix.

Features and Benefits

Fast: Highly processive enzymes
Flexible: for all applications from standard, to high fidelity and long range and more!
Value: No license fees associated with our novel enzymes saves you money!

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