AccuPower® Rocketplex RT-PCR Premix from Bioneer

Lyophilized master mix for one step multiplex RT–PCR including RocketScript MMLV Reverse Transcriptase thermostable up to 70°C

Ordering Information

AccuPower® Rocketplex RT-PCR PreMix is a new product that is in a class by itself. It provides you with the best, most thermostable Reverse transcription available, while giving you multiplex capabilities in the subsequent PCR. By combining Multiplex RT-PCR with RocketScript™ Reverse Transcriptase you can amplify from 1 to more than 10 target genes. AccuPower® Rocketplex RT-PCR PreMix contains all the components necessary for sequential cDNA synthesis and amplification of multiple targets in one tube (one-step RT-PCR). The RT-PCR PreMix consists of both RocketScript™ Reverse Transcriptase, an RNA dependent DNA polymerase, and a thermostable DNA polymerase in a lyophilized mix of dNTPs, reaction buffer, RNase inhibitor, Loading dye and stabilizer.

Note: Schematic representation of the 5' UTR of a gene, with complex secondary structure, at three different temperatures. Note that RocketScript™ RTase shows full activity at 70°C allowing it to synthesize the complete gene sequence where M-MLV and other Reverse Transcriptase's fail.

Features and Benefits

Capacity: Detect 1-10 target genes in a single tube directly from total RNA
Thermostable Activity: Thermostable reverse transcription activity (up to 70°C) lets you blast through secondary Structure
Specificity: by using enzyme-mediated HotStart, PCR is highly specific.
High efficiency and sensitivity: Detect every gene, every time!
Easy-to-use: Simply add RNA, Primer and distilled water to begin. All other reaction components are included.
Reproducibility: Bioneer's strict quality controlled production system ensures that your results will be reproducible experiment after experiment.
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