AccuPower® DNA Ligation PreMix from Bioneer

Ready-to-use dna ligation master mix with T4 DNA Ligase

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AccuPower DNA Ligation

The AccuPower® DNA Ligation PreMix is a lyophilized master mix containing T4 DNA Ligase, ATP, reaction buffer, and patented stabilizer. This DNA ligation premix is conveniently aliquoted in strip-tubes for reactions; you need only add DNAs to be ligated and water. The reaction will work for DNA ligation for all applications: blunt cloning, sticky end cloning and TA cloning. The premix is stable up to four months at room temperature and for three years at -20°C.

Features and Benefits

Ready to use premix: Minimal set up time and handling required
Fast: Only 5 minutes for cohesive-end ligation and 10 minutes for blunt-end ligation at room temperature
Stable: Enzyme activity for up to four months at room temperature and for three years in the freezer

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