AccuPower® Pfu PCR PreMix & Master Mix

Master mix for DNA amplification requiring high fidelity capability

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AccuPower® Pfu PCR PreMix is a lyophilized mixture of Pfu DNA polymerase, dNTPs and reaction buffer in a convenient premix format. Simply add template, primers and water and mix – AccuPower® offers easy set-up for every PCR application. Bioneer's patented stabilizer maintains the activity of the PreMix for over a month when stored at room temperature (25°C) and for over 2 years in the freezer (-20°C).

Features and Benefits

 High fidelity: AccuPower® Pfu PCR PreMix is a high fidelity (error rate = 1.9x10-6) enzyme that will reduce errors during DNA amplification.
 High purity AccuPower® Pfu PCR PreMix is a recombinant enzyme that eliminates smearing and unwanted background found in native Pfu enzymes.
 Thermostability: Pfu has an optimal activity that is higher than most other thermostable polymerases, and exhibits low activity at temperatures below 50°C. This results in higher specificity for your PCR reactions.
 Stability: To preserve the activity during storage, the PCR PreMix has been freeze-dried with a special stabilizer. Bioneer's unique stabilizing agent maintains the DNA polymerase activity for over 2 years in the freezer (-20°C).
 Simplicity: Almost all of the reaction chemicals required for PCR, such as thermostable DNA polymerase and dNTPs, are premixed into a single unit. The user simply adds template DNA, primers, and ddH2O to start the reaction. A tracking dye and polymers for gel electrophoresis are also included in the mixture so there is no need to add any sample loading buffer.
 Reproducibility: AccuPower® products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control conditions to ensure reproducible PCR performance, experiment after experiment.