CycleScript Reverse Transcriptase from Bioneer

For cDNA Synthesis and cDNA amplification

Ordering Information

Get more cDNA in less time with CycleScript Reverse Transcriptase. CycleScript is a versatile reverse transcriptase - applicable to both conventional Reverse Transcription and Cyclic Reverse Transcription (Cyclic RT, patent pending – for cDNA amplification). It features high activity across a wide range of temperatures from 37 to 55°C therefore, reverse transcription is carried out like PCR. The Cyclic RT reaction is composed of the following steps: 1st incubation at 15~40°C for primer annealing, heating up to 42~48°C for extension, and finally incubation at 50~55°C for denaturation of the secondary structure of the RNA (optional). Bioneer's novel Cyclic RT system offers homogeneous cDNA synthesis, with a high yield of cDNA up to 9 kb.

Features and Benefits

Broad range of working temperatures: For G:C rich RNAs or RNAs with significant secondary structure
Sensitive: Even the rarest transcript can be reliably made into cDNA
High yield of cDNA: For genes up to 9 kb within 10 minutes
RNase, DNase, and Proteinase-free: Ensures the integrity of your samples

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