AccuPower® Multiplex PCR PreMix from Bioneer

AccuPower® Multiplex PCR PreMix can simultaneously detect one or more products in a one tube.

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Features and Benefits

 Flexibility: Up to 20 different target genes from human genomic DNA can be amplified in a single tube
 Easy-to-use: All reaction components required for PCR, including thermostable DNA polymerase and dNTPs are contained within each tube and in a lyophilized “PreMix” form. The user needs only to add template DNA, primers and water to perform up to 20-plex PCR. Materials necessary for agarose gel electrophoresis are also added in the reaction, negating the need to prepare the samples for electrophoresis after PCR is completed.
 Reproducibility: Each batch is produced under strict quality controls. Errors that commonly occur during mass production are eliminated during the individual packaging process. Bioneer’s current batch processing system allows for the production of more accurate and reproducible end-product yield.

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