AccuPower® CycleScript RT PreMix from Bioneer

PCR master mix for high yield, homogeneous cDNA synthesis and amplification

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AccuPower® CycleScript RT (available with: dT20, dN12, or dN6 primers) PreMix is an easy to resuspend lyophilized PCR Master Mix of CycleScript Reverse Transcriptase, a primer, and all of the other components for cDNA synthesis conveniently packaged in individual tubes. Simply add template RNA, and water. Then, the reverse transcription is performed by either a Cyclic RT reaction (patent pending) or conventional reverse transcription PCR. The use of Cyclic RT produces cDNA amplification and better results compared to conventional reverse transcription PCR – especially for rare transcripts. The resulting cDNA can be used in a variety of applications such as reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR). The AccuPower® CycleScript RT (dT20, dN12, or dN6) PreMix series is stable for 2 years at - 20°C due to a patented stabilizer.

AccuPower® CycleScript RT was developed for both a conventional reverse transcription PCR at a fixed temperature at 42°C as well as Cyclic Reverse Transcription that is carried out like a PCR (please see the following comparison table). Bioneer’s Cyclic RT is an innovative technology to synthesize more homogeneous cDNA in less time compared to the conventional reverse transcription.

Conventional Reverse Transcription

Step 1: RNA denaturation at 65°C for 10 minutes
Step 2: cDNA synthesis at a temperature between 37°C ~ 55°C for 15 ~ 60 minutes

Cyclic Reverse Transcription

Step 1: Primer annealing at a temperature between 15°C and 40°C for 30 seconds
Step 2: cDNA synthesis at a temperature between 42°C and 48°C for 4 minutes
Step 3 (optional): Denaturation of the secondary structure of the RNA template and cDNA synthesis at a temperature between 50°C and 55°C for 30 seconds

Features and Benefits

Convenient lyophilized RT premix: Simply add your purified RNA and start your reaction. Enzyme, dNTPs, reaction buffer, and oligo (dT)20 are provided.
Broad range of working temperatures: For RNAs that are G:C rich or significant secondary structure
Novel Cyclic Reverse Transcription: Ensures that you isolate even the rarest transcripts
High yield of cDNA: For genes up to 9 kb within 10 minutes
Stable for 2 years at -20°C: Long life
RNase, DNase and Proteinase-free: Ensures the integrity of your samples

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