AccuPower® PCR PreMix from Bioneer

PCR Master Mixes for Standard, HotStart and High Fidelity PCR as well as Reverse Transcription (cDNA amplification), RT-PCR and Ligation!

Selection Guide

AccuPower® PreMix series is an innovative PCR master mix product range designed to make your PCR, reverse transcription (cDNA amplification) and RT-PCR experiments easier and more cost effective than ever. With a wide range of applications and unparalleled ease of use and stability, AccuPower® PreMix PCR master mix series will be an important addition to your collection of research tools.

Each tube or plate you order has all the components of a PCR master mix (enzyme, buffer, dNTPs) lyophilized with a patented stabilizer that maintains full activity for over one month at room temperature, and two years in the freezer. Simply add your primers and template - and never make a dNTP or PCR enzyme stock solution again!

AccuPower's unique stabilizer maintains full PCR enzyme activity for over a month at room temperature, and over two years in a -20°C freezer. In addition, reaction stability is maintained at 95°ree;C for up to 3 times longer than Taq DNA polymerase, making it an ideal enzyme for amplifying G:C rich DNA at temperatures above 50°C.

AccuPower® PreMix PCR master mix is available with or without loading dye. When loading dye is present you can load it directly into your gel after PCR - no glycerol or glucose is required.

Features and Benefits

Fast: Just add primer and template
Convenient: No more dNTP or enzyme stock solutions
Flexible: Available in tubes (0.2 or 0.5 ml) or plates (96 or 384 well)
Stable: For 2 years in the freezer, and one month at room temperature
Customizable: Available with primers already added for even greater convenience
Gel loading : Available with or without a tracking dye for ease of use