AccuPower® GreenStar™ RT-qPCR PreMix & Master Mix

One-step RT-qPCR PreMix & MasterMix – Real-time PCR reagent for the dsDNA binding dye-based detection

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AccuPower® GreenStar™ RT-qPCR PreMix & Master Mix detects desired target gene precisely from various samples. This real-time PCR reagent using the dsDNA binding dye-based product measures gene amplification at the same time through fluorescence evaluation at each cycle. It has a feature of selective amplification of target cDNA from tiny amount of template RNA, and is useful for viral RNA detection or for quantitative gene expression.

Features and Benefits

 High Sensitivity: With the smallest amount of your target gene and high concentrated RNA product (>1 pg).
 High Specificity: Amplification with only target gene by using Hotstart Taq DNA polymerase
 Applicable to Various
   Template RNAs:
This kit includes RocketScript™ RTase which can achieve RT reaction in unusually high temperature up to 70°C. So it is possible to adopt various template RNAs even if they have a complex secondary structure.
 Ease-of-use: This kit contains all the reagents for RT-qPCR including thermostable DNA polymerase, dNTPs and etc in one tube as freeze-and-dried format (PreMix type) Only template, primers and DEPC distilled water are required for real-time RT-PCR.
 Excellent Reproducibility: Under ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, our mass-produced product, AccuPower® GreenStar™ RT-qPCR PreMix, 2X Master mix gives you great satisfaction with uniform amplification effectiveness in all your reaction tube.

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