AccuPower Taq® PCR PreMix from Bioneer

Lyophilized PCR master mix – just add template and primers!

Ordering Information

The AccuPower® Taq PCR PreMix is a convenient lyophilized PCR master mix containing Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, reaction buffer, tracking dye, and patented stabilizer and is aliquoted in 8-strip PCR tubes.
The premix retains its activity for over a month at room temperature and is stable for two years in -20°C freezer.
AccuPower® Taq PCR PreMix is available with or without tracking dye, depending on your application. If purchased with tracking dye, reactions can be loaded on agarose gels without adding loading buffer.

Features and Benefits

Ease of use: Just add template and primers and start your reaction. All other reaction components including dNTPs,
buffer and enzyme are provided.
Robust Stability: Stable at room temperature for a month, at 4°C for one year and for 2 years in a -20°C freezer.
Versatility: The premix is ideal for a wide range of PCR applications.
Gel loading: Available with or without a tracking dye. Samples with tracking dye can be loaded directly into gels after PCR
Reproducibility: Bioneer's strict quality controlled production system ensures that your results will be reproducible experiment after experiment.

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