AccuPower® GreenStar™ qPCR PreMix from Bioneer

TReal-Time PCR reagent for the intercalating dye-based Hotstart detection

Ordering Information

AccuPower® GreenStar™ qPCR Premix detects target fragment of desired gene based on intercalating fluorescent dye method. Its enzyme-mediated Hotstart technology provides significant reduction of nonspecific reaction. AccuPower® feature meets users’ expectation of convenience, reproducibility as well as high stability, up to 2 years in -20 ⁰C. Just add primer & sample DNA, then it’s ready-to-go!

Features and Benefits

High Specificity: Bioneer's patented Enzyme-mediated HotStart Technology dramatically eliminates non-specific reaction (patent 292883 & 10-2007-109055).
User Convenience: Just add primers for target gene.
Extended Stability: Activity of this product is stable for 2 years in a -20 °C freezer.
Reproducibility: Result is highly reproducible with a minimal margin of error, due to no requirement of extra mixing step.
Equipment Compatibility: Kits compatible with various Real-Time PCR instruments are prepared.
Universality of target gene: Significant results can be obtained no matter what kind of target gene is.

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