AccuPower® Dual-HotStart™ RT-PCR PreMix from Bioneer

One-step RT-PCR PreMix – AccuPower® Dual-HotStart™ RT-PCR PreMix uses new concepts of HotStart RT and of HotStart PCR techniques

Ordering Information

 AccuPower® Dual-HotStart™ RT-PCR PreMix is a breakthrough product to overcome frequent problems from reverse transcription. By using this proprietary product, cDNA synthesis of your selective RNA will be performed with high sensitivity from a small amount of template RNA. Successive PCR amplification of synthesized cDNA also occurs via a one-step reaction with cDNA synthesis. This one-step RT-PCR product is easily generated with excellent sensitivity for a wide range of applications, including several types of virus tests and gene expression analysis experiments. This product is ready-to-use, simply add template RNA, primers and DEPC-DW, and obtain your results with great reproducibility.

Features and Benefits

High Sensitivity:
   Low detection limit with the smallest amount of your target template RNA, even in highly concentrated sample.

High Specificity:
   Optimized to get accurate target gene amplification by using our premier Dual-HotStart™ RT-PCR reaction which utilizes
   Pyro-HotStart RT reaction and HotStart PCR.

Use of various Template RNAs:
   This product includes Dual-HotStart™ RTase which can achieve RT reaction in unusually high temperature up to 70°C.
   So it is possible to adopt various template RNAs even if they have a complex secondary structure.

   This kit contains all the reagents for RT-PCR, including thermostable DNA polymerase, RocketScript™ RTase,
   dNTPs and more, in one tube as freeze-and-dried format. User only needs to add template RNA,
   primers and DEPC-water into the tube.

   Containing all the components in each tube or well for reverse transcription and PCR, it maximizes reproducibility
   eliminating any carry-over contamination or technician error.

   The proprietary lyophilization format allows 30 days-stable shelf life at ambient temperature and 2 years at -20°C.

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