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AccuPower® Hotstart Pfu PCR PreMix for high specific amplification

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AccuPower® HotStart Pfu PCR PreMix is a ready-to-use lyophilized mastermix containing all components for high fidelity PCR. Just addition of primers and template into the tube provides reproducible results. AccuPower® HotStart Pfu PCR PreMix uses a unique enzyme-mediated HotStart PCR method that reduces pre-PCR mis-primings, primer dimers, artifacts, and any other non-specific amplification. Besides AccuPower® HotStart Pfu PCR PreMix provides sensitivity, high specificity and proofreading activity. So you’ll get fewer errors in your PCR product.


Enzyme-mediated Hotstart PCR method

Phyrophosphate (ppi) has a hjgh binding affinity for Mg and Ppi-Mg complex suppresses a non-specific application before starting the PCR reaction.
Pfu DNA Polymerase is active at the temperature 70°C via ….

Proofreading activity

Polymerase extends complementary strand with primers
If Polymerase adds an incorrect nucliotie, mis-paired nucleotide is removed through proofreading step.

Features and Benefits

 High fidelity:
AccuPower® Hotstart Pfu PCR PreMix has the high fidelity which reduces the mispriming during DNA amplification.

Just add template and primers and start your reaction.

 High specificity:
Pyrophosphate (PPi) has a high affinity for Mg2+ and PPi binds to Mg2+ which is essential component for PCR so that DNA polymerase activity is suppressed.. Consequently, PPi-Mg2+ binding prevents non-specific amplification

Each product batch is produced under strict quality control processes in large scale batch

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